How does it work? lets fix that

Not quite sure how Blog Matter works or want some more information? This page is set up as a guide to give you a better understanding.

If you are still not 100% sure on how Blog Matter works, please contact us via the form or Twitter and Facebook and we’ll happily help.


You join Blog Matter and wait for your membership to be approved.


Your application is approved and you are listed as a member.


You are emailed once a week with blogs to comment on.


You comment on the blogs and receive comments on your blog.

You Join

To join you need a few simple things; a name, an email and a website. Once you have those things, have read our rules you can apply to join. Remember to add your link back to Blog Matter before using the join form. We try and approve members once a day, but please be patient or contact us if you have concerns about your application.

Membership Approval

Once your membership has been approved you will receive a welcome email with member confirmation. In the future you will be provided with a username and password (currently working on this), you will be able to use your username and password to login to the website and update your personal details, blog details or current commenting status.

Emailed blogs to comment on

When you have been approved membership you will be emailed blogs to comment on. You will receive the email at the next available start date. For example, if comment emails are sent on a Monday and you join on a Tuesday, you will have to wait until the coming Monday for the email.

You comment and receive comments

You have one week (7 days) to comment on the blogs that are included in the email. Make sure you read the blog posts and leave relevant comments to the entry. Comments are great, but ones that actually reflect your opinion and interest are even better! You also have one week (7 days) to receive comments on your blog. If you don’t, you can report a member.

Did you think about this? If three bloggers comment on your entry you have three extra comments. If you comment on three blogs, and those three bloggers return comments that is six new comments. The more blogs you comment on, the greater chance of having comments returned as well. Pretty cool hey?